Fabian Fuchs
Computer Science at KIT
Karlsruhe, Germany


My research interests are in the construction and analysis of algorithms. I mainly use graph theory and geometry to tackle questions regarding communication and distributed computing in wireless networks under realistic models of wireless interference. Current works are focused on local broadcasting and coloring algorithms and can be found here.

Additionally I also did some specializing in the field of information fusion and information processing during my master studies, and worked on similarity estimation in social networks during an research internship at Microsoft Research.

I am a follower of Christ and an active member of the christian student group Students for Christ, where I help to organize some of the events and regularly participate in events.

I love to climb. If possible outdoors around Karlsruhe or Stuttgart at 'Falkenfelsen' in Bad Herrenalb or 'Felsengaerten' in Hessigheim, if not at the climbing gym of the DAV Karlsruhe.